About Us

Oh god, we need to talk about ourselves. :p

O.K. Here we go...

We are Robin, Thom, Steve and Helen and we had the mad idea to start up a podcast directed towards the Asexual Community :)

We are all Asexual ourselves and thought we would take to the world to have some fun and some mad discussions :p Hear more about us below:

Thom - Host

Thom discovered he was asexual in 2012 and went to his first ace meet the following year. He has since been involved with several asexual awareness events at Bristol University and currently works alongside young people at an LGBTQ youth group, helping others find and feel comfortable with their identity. He lives with Steve in Bristol and they have been in an asexual relationship since 2014.

Steve - Host

Hey everyone, welcome to the bit about me...

...well, what do ya wanna know... here’s a few things that make take your interest

I am an Aries and I identify asGay - Asexual – (Homoromantic)
I was born on 29th March 1983 – You can work out the age bit for yourself therefore I don’t have to keep updating this bit every year!!! (Lazy I know)

I work as a Performance Manager in Weston super Mare; I’m not married but got engaged to Thom in September 2015. My interests are Music, driving, camping, chilling out, parties, dancing, watching films, spending loads of time with my friends, helping others out.

Things that make me happy: All my mates, without them I'm nothing.
Things that make me sad: Feeling alone seeing my mates upset and not being able to do anything about it!
 I don't like people smoking and I don't drink (anymore), and as far as Drugs go it’s a personal choice for others to make.

I became a vegetarian in April 2015 but also still occasionally eat Fish.
I don’t think I have any bad habits but others may tell you otherwise – DON’T ASK THOM!
Here’s my Vital Statistics...
Race : White
Hair : Brown
Eyes : Hazel
Height : 6' 1" (185 cm)
Waist : 34" (85 cm)
Weight : 12 St
Body Type : Otter

I came out and identified as Asexual in February 2013 thanks to finding an individual who is now a very good Ace friend originally on Gaydar. I stand by the following statement and always will...

It’s the best decision I have ever made and my quality of life and confidence since finding the Ace Communality, AVEN and joining in with the Ace Meet ups has constantly got better and better!

I met Thom in August 2014 and we hit it off from there...who knows what's gonna happen in the future...

Robin - Producer

Ok, where do I begin... let's start with name.  Hi, I'm Robin. I am 23 years old and currently living in grand old Yeovil :p.  I realised I was Asexual half way through 2014 after a brief few months of thinking I was gay. After having a guy really coming onto me, I got the sensation of feeling physically ill about the whole idea of sex and thought "That's not normal..." so I started googling. Thats when I found aven and, well the rest is history. :)

A bit about me... Ok so I am a Graphic Designer by trade... and I am really into music and musicals. If you ever want to go and see a show and have no one to go with, I'll come :D

I am a Recorder player. No you didn't hear me wrong, I am actually a Recorder player, a proper one.  I started like most do when they are 6 and just kept going. *Shameless plug alert* Check out my youtube page: youtube.com/littledib. You can find me playing my recorder and having a sing song on there. :) *Shameless plug over*

Err other things... I don't drink, I have a cat called Astrid... and I like shoes. I think that's the most of it.

Hope you enjoy the show, It's a blast making it, and please if you have any questions about anything, asexual or otherwise please just send us an email :D

Robin x

p.s. You may have noticed I like smilies...

Helen - Social Media Specialist

Hey, my name is Helen.

Asexual my whole life, but only put a name to it in 2013. I am 27, massively sarcastic, a huge catlady (I have 5!), and I met the POA crew at a Bristol meet a couple of years ago, before they were famous!

I’ve been a phone in guest on a couple of shows and have featured in a couple of POA on tour videos as well. (I’m the one pulling the dumb faces hahaha)
I consider myself really lucky to have found such a good group of friends through my asexual connections and it’s really changed my life, and uh, I don’t know what else to write, so if you would like to know any more about me, just tweet us.